In addition to a good thorough knowledge of oil painting technique on canvas and of the coloured pencil, in some collection of painting were used remarkable techniques.
As far as the landscapes recently finished are concerned, the painter decided to stick a background of sand mixed up with PVA-glue directly on canvas. The spots thus created, have intentionally irregular shapes, which help to give an indefinite shade to works, almost as dreamlike or memory. The reality we see with eyes, which is undoubtedly at the bottom of every painting, doesn’t really need to be copied in a photographical way to be well caught  by the eye of the observer.  Colors and matter of which paintings are made up can change and mingle with each other, giving life to a sight rather different from the real one. However, this sight recall unquestionably  that particular place and that moment, with that unique atmosphere which will remain forever imprisoned in that picture: so it is for a half visual and for a half fancy.
Another special technique is that one with coloured crayon on a background of a particular type of paper: folded, wrinkled or coloured sheet.
The human figure and its expression are the topic of these drawings. As a matter of fact, just using either color black or white, one can give importance to the shape defining its chiaroscuro. Thanks to background paper‘s grain and style, the picture is enriched by all shades needed to make expressive the traits, the complexion, the hair and all others works’ details.
Therefore, the innovative element of Stella’s painting techniques doesn’t come from colors, but from the matter on which they are spread.