Stella Gentilini was born in 1986 in Faenza, and she is now living in Brisighella, province of Ravenna. While she was attending  the primary school she has already a special enjoyment for artistic subjects, thus brought her from the very beginning to join in additional drawing courses. When it was time to choose the high school, she decided to enter her name for the State Institute of Arts for pottery “G. Ballardini” in Faenza.  There she learned plastic art techniques and improved further on the painting one, taking part actively in supplementary live drawing and moulding studies. In 2005, she got the diploma with the maximum degree, becoming Master of Arts for pottery, artistic address.
Today she works for the Cooperative Pottery of Imola as enameller. In her spare time, she partakes in many personal and collective exhibitions in the cities of Bagnacavallo, Brisighella, Faenza, and others nearby municipalities.
In the last two years, she got the chance to illustrate two books: a short story and a collection of fairy tales for children. Some of her drawings are chosen to decorate Romagna’s wine labels, either for the soc.cop. Agricola Agrintesa, or Vini di Montemauro.
She creates  pictures on the glass window and on walls of many public spaces in Faenza and Brisighella. She is signed up in many artistic associations and takes part with care in the initiative sponsored by those same groups and her municipality, with brilliant results, especially for the extemporary painting.
In summer 2011 she was selected by the association Assoartisti of Rome to join the event “Following Marco Polo’s path -100 Italian artists painting Hangzhou”. It is based on an artistic twinship between Italy and the Chinese metropolis of Hangzhou to celebrate China’s year in Italy. Thanks to this important opportunity the artist from Brisighella will have the chance to be part of two international exhibition (Venice and Hangzhou); she is going to be listed on the catalogue –that  will be printed during spring time 2012 in 3 foreign languages, in which there will be 4 pages dedicated to her own pictures.
The themes and techniques used in her works are various. Her artistic way began firstly with the still life and pastels, secondly she passed to the landscape painted with oil and watercolor paints, and finally she reached the figurative painting with mixed up technique. Her paintings, with a line drawing which is a middle way between impressionism and realism, show a particular attention to human being and to its own expressiveness, without ignoring the surrounding nature.